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Physical vs. Logical Drive Failure

Hard drive failures fall into two categories, physical failure and logical failure.

Logical failure is the most common type of drive failure and can often be confused with a bad drive, failures of this type can show up in many different ways,
such as boot failure, failure to read files, disappearing partitions, lost drive letter, raw drives or unformated drives.
In most of these cases the chances of recovery are very good using our tools and techniques.

Physical failure is fortunately the least common type of drive failure because it is also the most serious and expensive to repair.
Most physical failures are due to problems with the drives mechanical parts such as heads, bearings, spindle, platters etc.
or electrical components such as firmware or printed circuit controller cards.
Drives with physical failures typically need to be shipped out to a full service data recovery company which can be very costly.
Paying over $1,000 to recover data from a drive suffering a physical failure is not uncommon.

Again our service specializes in recovering data from drives with logical failures or bad sectors.
These problem drives can cause unpredictable system behavior, typically resulting in a system that fails to boot properly
due to one of the reasons listed below, or an external USB drive that is no longer accessible.

  • Raw drives
  • Unformated drives
  • Corrupted Registry hives
  • Missing partition information
  • Blue screen
  • Perpetual restarting

In all of these cases we have excellent results recovering data caused by these types of logical failures.