Fast Data Recovery


Fast and Efficient Remote Data Recovery
(Often in just a day...Anywhere in the world)

For a flat rate: $95 minimum...$500 maximum
(Rate based on one dollar per gigabyte of recovered data)


Contact info...

Call Stephen at: (617) 506-9392 or send an E-Mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Hello and welcome to my name is Stephen Haran and I own and operate this site. I offer you fast, high quality, data recovery services at a predictable and affordable price. My data recovery service is like no other but does have some limitations so read on for all the details.

Fast Remote Data Recovery...

My service connects to you remotely over the Internet from a specially designed recovery CD. Recovering your data remotely eliminates the time wasted shipping your drive out to a data recovery lab. Many of my cases are resolved in a day or less and sometimes in just hours. No one operates faster.

High Quality...

I've been performing computer systems administration for over 20 years and data recovery for almost as long. So I've seen it all and know exactly what tools and processes to employ depending on your unique circumstances. My service is the equivalent of a trained data recovery consultant visiting you at your home or office and setting up a data recovery workstation with all the software tools necessary to work on your case.

Low Price...

My rates are clear and simple with no surprises. One dollar per gigabyte of recovered data with a $95 minimum charge and a $500 maximum charge. For example...
The rate for a 750GB drive with 200GB of data is $200.
The rate for a 500GB drive with 65GB of data is $95, the minimum rate.
The rate for a 3TB RAID array with 900GB of data is $500, the maximum rate.
If you've been shopping around for data recovery services then you know that my rates are more than reasonable. No one offers you a more affordable option and if you find someone that does then I'll match it less 15%.


There are many possible faults that can cause you to be separated from your important data. In most cases I am able to help but at a minimum your hard drive's existence must be detected by your computer. That is to say your drive must me detected as present in your computer's BIOS or setup screen. Note however, as a general rule drives that have been dropped or are making unusual clicking noises have suffered mechanical damage and will need to be shipped out to a full service data recovery lab.

What I do...

I perform remote data recovery operations on damaged hard drives and RAID arrays.
Note, it is not necessary for your computer to start up into Windows.
I provide you with a software CD that connects me to your computer using your existing high speed Internet service.
So I can quickly begin data recovery on any computer no matter where it may be located anywhere in the world.
There's no need to extract, package, and risk further damage by shipping out your hard drive.
My aim is to provide same or next day data recovery for a flat fee.
And if it's the case that I am not able to recover your data then there is no service charge.

What you do....

You contact me for the link to download the iso file needed to create my data recovery CD.
You burn the CD and load it into your computer then simply boot up your computer off the CD.
Sit back and relax, once your computer boots off the CD there's nothing else you need to do.
A temporary data recovery software environment automatically loads on your computer.
A secure encrypted link is automatically created from your computer to me in my Boston office.
I then remotely connect to your computer and begin data recovery operations on your hard drive.

About me....

My name is Stephen Haran I'm located in Boston Massachusetts. I have over 20 years of experience in Windows and Linux computer systems administration. Put that experience to work for you today. As always please contact me with any questions you may have. I would be happy to discuss your case and the best plan of action to recover your data.


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