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How to boot from the recovery CD

To boot your computer from CD follow these steps.

Iidentify the manufacturer of your computer and it's associated boot menu key.

  • Acer            - Esc or F12 or F9
  • Asus            - Esc or F8
  • Compaq       - Esc or F9
  • Dell             - F12
  • Emachine     - F10
  • Gateway      - F10
  • Gigabyte      - F12 or Esc
  • HP              - Esc or F9
  • IBM            - F12
  • Intel            - F10
  • Lenovo         - F12 or blue button
  • Microstar       - F11
  • Packard Bell   - F8
  • Sony Vaio      - F11
  • Toshiba        - F12

Power off your computer.

Start up your computer and quickly as soon as you see the manufacturer's logo tap the boot menu key a few times.

You should then see a text menu listing the available boot devices on your computer.

At this point place the CD into your CD or DVD tray.

Now in the boot menu press the up or down arrow keys to highlight your CD or DVD or Optical drive and press enter.

Your computer should now begin to boot off the CD. The process takes about 3 minutes to complete.